j.crew new arrival reviews: blackwatch boy shirt, cheers sweatshirt, bib necklace sweatshirt.

Posted by dani handrian
Hi everyone!

I was able to try on a few new arrivals the other day at J.Crew. They didn't have some items that I was interested in, but maybe they'll come later. I do have that ivory flannel tuxedo dress coming eventually, so will report on that.

Off topic for a moment, how about all those crazy popbacks on Friday morning? Were you "there" to witness the madness of pieces from 2008 in the sale section? There were something like 2500 items in the section at one point. My guess is that they just picked some items from the warehouse, which are usually sold at the big warehouse sales, and threw them online to see how it goes. Even without pictures, they sold! So maybe they'll do it again, and with things like Bellas! We can only hope. Better us than the ebay resellers, right? I'm not going to lie, I ordered two things from the old school days, and we will see in what condition they arrive. I figured it's not final sale, and if I'm willing to try ebay stuff, I might as well try this out! They have all even shipped, so at least it wasn't a fake-out. :)  I will report back!

On to the reviews... First up, we have the Crinkle Boy Shirt in Blackwatch Plaid. I'm a big fan of classic blackwatch, so this caught my eye when it rolled out. IRL, it's quite thin, and is also fitted. I tried my usual size 4 and think it was too small, pulling at the buttons. I suppose I was wearing a tee under it, which bulked it up a bit. Maybe it would work nicely under a sweater, but alone, I'd want the size 6. I like it, but don't love it. I think I'd just prefer something a little more substantial. But I do think it's good for layering.

Next up, the Vintage Sweatshirt in Cheers. I'm a sucker for these dang worded sweatshirts, but now that I received my fill of Old Navy ones for a bit over $5, I have a hard time stomaching the price for this one. (Even though it's pretty reasonable for JC land). The stripes and word are black, but the word "cheers" is navy, fyi. Well, I tried my normal size small, and it was slouchy for sure, but in an ok way. A smaller size would be too short on me. But the killer was how wide it made me look. Gah. Don't put those shoulder seams there! Definite no for me.

Finally, the Bib Necklace Sweatshirt, which I liked in the catalog pictures a lot, especially in the gray/white. Turns out that I actually preferred the navy with red. Both are cute though, even though we are sooooo tired of bejeweled everything. Like I said in my rollout favorites post, I love some bling. I love this trend. But they are going way overboard on it, and it's boring the lot of us.  That said, the navy is understated, with the dark red embellishment. And actually, so is the white, as it's not a sparkling crystal.  It was quite fitted in the small, though I'd say it's still TTS. Navy seemed smaller than the gray. The navy would be cute with the red/navy check shirt under it methinks.

What do you think of these items? Did you partake in popback madness yesterday? Do tell if you snagged something fun and interesting!

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