a good deed.

Posted by dani handrian
Hi everyone!

I saw this video of the inspiring woman who very simply did a good deed. This is a clip of her on Ellen, and I hope it makes you smile as well:

What a lovely thing, to give recognition to someone who acted thoughtfully. I hope it inspires others to offer up their own acts of kindness, especially during the holiday season, which can be extra difficult for many.

Maybe you could donate a toy to Toys for Tots (or to the many wish trees at many public institutions near year), bring some flowers or spend some time at a nursing home, donate previously-loved items to a place like St. Vincent De Paul or Goodwill. Perhaps when you're driving through the Starbucks line, you could offer to pay for the person behind you? I'd imagine that would launch a serious of kindnesses behind you. What about offering your neighbor some babysitting services so she can get some stuff done next weekend? Drop off a plate of cookies to a neighbor you haven't met? Compliment a stranger. Compliment your significant other on something you take for granted. Ask your kids' teachers if they need some help in the classroom? Buy some flowers for the grocery checker you see weekly. Write Christmas cards to someone serving overseas.

Wishing you many kindnesses this holiday season!

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