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Hi everyone!

Many people are, of course, doing their Christmas shopping right now. I've finished that up already, and while I would love to take a break from shopping, there are a few things I like to buy right around now, during all the sales.  At J.Crew especially, as they will be switching up to final sale (no returns) fairly soon. Retailers are starting to show their resort, and soon their spring lines. They want to get rid of the old stuff. So this is where the prices start to drop. You can find some reasonable and rock-bottom prices on things like short-sleeve tees (like this, this, and this), white/light-colored denim (this, this), last season's cashmere (this, this) and dresses (this). I know it's hard to think of warm-weather when it's cold out (I think it's 10 degrees here right now), but I've found it's been better for my wallet if I budget money now, rather than buying everything from a higher-priced spring rollout. They end up re-issuing many similar items, but at full price. I'm very careful about what I choose, nothing trendy that I will be bored with come the actual season! I know that the spring and summer will always bring fun and fresh designs that I'll like, so I pick safe bets that I know I'll want/need.

I also look for my son and husband. Lots of short-sleeve or lightweight button-down shirts at J.Crew for DH (like this or this), and at very fair prices. I can put these away and have them ready for his spring birthday and father's day.  Crewcuts and Boden are staples for DS, as they fit him the best. Today I noticed that the waffle tees are on sale, and so ordered a few of those a size up for next fall/winter. There are also tons of short-sleeve tees that are on sale (including Star Wars today!), perfect for both now over a long-sleeve tee or hoodie and for summer. 

As for me, I've ordered up from J.Crew a pair of white jeans from J.Crew (needed to replace the old ones, which were too small this past spring/summer), a pretty pale pink cashmere sweater, some leather Cece ballet flats, and a spring/summer Biennial Bag.

Boden sent me an email with early access to their sale, which officially begins on the 15th. (Right now they have 25% off everything.) Check your email for a link (or sign up for their emails so you get these things!). There I was able to grab some pants for DS, and a summer dress (this Cadiz Dress) that I hope will be an easy staple for summer.

Do you shop ahead like I do? Or do you prefer to wait?

Have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be away from the blog mostly, as we are hosting a party tomorrow night and I have an insane amount to get done! :)

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